Wrinkling is traditionally thought to be the most obvious sign of ageing skin. But wrinkling actually begins as early as our 20s and continues at a fairly steady pace for the rest of our lives. We use our facial expressions as a way of communicating with others and recording anger, rage, disappointment, happiness, surprise, consternation and so on. These expressions are captured on our faces by lines which begin to form in the places that move most. Very few of us get to our 40s without any of these tell-tale signs.

Lessening the effect of wrinkling – both sexes

  • Splash water on your face and keep it there with a moisturizer to prevent your skin dehydrating.
  • Never go out in the sun without wearing a sunscreen – the higher the number, the greater the protection. Remember, a day on the ski slopes can do as much damage as a day on the beach.
  • If you have tiny surface veins on your face, avoid eating hot, spicy food and drinking alcohol; these will aggravate face flushing.
  • Stop smoking. Cigarette smoking may hasten crow’s feet and causes deep lines. The skin is 10 years older in a smoker than a non-smoker.
  • Keep your body well rested by adequate sleep to improve your complexion.
  • Facial exercises help to relax the facial muscles, which cause “tension” wrinkles and lines. They can also help keep facial and neck muscles mobile and relieve tension headaches. They cannot, however, stop wrinkles forming. Try a smile all the time instead of a frown as it exercises more muscles.

For women

  • If you don’t wear make-up, be sure to wear a fairly liberal covering of rich moisturizer that prevents water loss.
  • If you do put on some make-up, it will help to reduce water loss from the skin. Avoid astringent toners; switch from cleansing soaps to creams.

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