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Femoral Triangle

Femoral Triangle is a triangular depression on the very front of the upper one-third of the thigh below the inguinal ligament. Its apex is pointed downward. Boundaries of the Femoral Triangle Boundaries of a Femoral Triangle are as follows: Lateral: Medial border of sartorius. Medial: Medial border

Gluteal Region

Gluteal Region is the back and side of lateral half of pelvic region. It covers the area from iliac crest from above to the gluteal fold below. It goes laterally up to a virtual line converging the anterior superior iliac spine to the anterior edge of higher

Obturator Foramen

1. Obturator Foramen is a large gap in the hip bone, situated anteroinferior to acetabulum, between the pubis and the ischium. 2. It is large and oval in males, and small and triangular in females. 3. It is closed by the obturator membrane which is attached to

Femoral Canal

Femoral Canal is a short fascial tube (medial compartment of femoral sheath) which declines quickly in width from above downward and is closed inferiorly by the fusion of its walls. The upper end of the femoral canal, which opens into the abdominal cavity is referred to as

Tibial Plateau

The tibial plateau is made up of three osseous structures: the lateral plateau, the medial plateau, along with the intercondylar eminence. The lateral plateau is smaller as well as convex, while the medial plateau is larger and slightly concave. Meniscus covers both of the plateaus, which improves

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