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Internal Iliac Vein

The Internal iliac vein arises deep from the deep pelvic region. It emerges near the greater sciatic foramen. The internal iliac vein receives number of tributaries from different veins that drain in the pelvic region, it is resposnsible for most of the pelvic venous drainage. Origin The

Inferior Epigastric Vein

Inferior epigastric vein drains into the external iliac vein a little above the inguinal ligament and either one or two inferior epigastric veins move together with the inferior epigastric artery. Deep circumflex iliac vein the deep circumflex iliac vein is created via venae comitantes of the equivalent

Veins of Pelvis

Veins that supply the pelvis are – internal iliac, superior rectal, median sacral and ovarian veins, and pelvic venous plexuses. The internal iliac vein runs upward lateral to the internal iliac artery and joins the external iliac vein to form the common iliac vein. Its tributaries correspond

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