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Intercostal Nerves

Intercostal nerves is the name given to the anterior primary rami of the upper 11 thoracic spinal nerves (T1 T11) as they use the route through the intercostal spaces. The thoracic wall is supplied by the 12 pairs of the thoracic spinal nerves. Anterior and posterior rami

Subcostal Nerve

It’s the ventral ramus of the 12th thoracic spinal nerve. It enters the abdomen behind the lateral precise ligament (lateral lumbocostal arch) and runs downward and laterally in front of the quadratus lumborum below the anterior layer of thoraco-lumbar fascia. At the lateral border of quadratus lumborum,

Thoracic Sympathetic Trunk – Course, Relations, Ganglia and Its Branches

Thoracic Sympathetic Trunk is a ganglionated chain, situated on each side of the vertebral column. In the thoracic inlet, it’s superiorly continuous with the cervical sympathetic chain and with the lumbar sympathetic chain inferiorly after passing behind the medial arcuate ligament of the diaphragm. Course And Relations

Phrenic Nerve

Origin The point of origin is from ventral rami of C3, C4 and C5 but primarily from C4. Course It runs vertically downwards on the anterior surface of the scalenus anterior, which it crosses obliquely from lateral to medial side. Afterward it runs downwards on the cervical

Vagus Nerve

It’s a mixed nerve, i.e., composed of both the motor and sensory fibres but mostly it is motor. Vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve. Its area of distribution goes past the head and neck-to the thorax and abdomen. It’s the longest and most widely distributed cranial

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