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Joints and Ligaments

Joints of The Thorax

The joints of thorax are as follows: Costovertebral Costotransverse Costochondral Interchondral Manubriosternal Intervertebral

Costochondral and Chondrosternal Joints

  Costochondral Joints Costochondral joints are the primary cartilaginous joints between the anterior end of the rib and its cartilage. No chnages are observed. Chondrosternal Joints Between the medial ends of the 1st-7th costal cartilages and lateral border of the sternum is where these joints are found.

Interchondral Joints and Manubriosternal Joint

Interchondral Joints 7th-9th costal cartilages enters into contact with 1 another and articulate with every other by number of small synovial joints in Interchondral joint. At some instances, they’re also connected by ligaments. 9th and 10th costal cartilages union is usually ligamentous. Manubriosternal Joint The manubriosternal joint

Pulmonary Ligament

Pulmonary ligament is the term used for the fold that goes down. As the wrist is surrounded by the cuff of the coat, in the same manner the root of the lung is surrounded by the pleura.  From the root of the lung, pulmonary ligament stretches itself

Sternal Angle

The sternal angle also referred to as the angle of Louis, is created by the combination of the manubrium with the body of the sternum and it can be identified by the existence of a transverse rim on the anterior side of the sternum. Surgically, anatomically and

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