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Venous Shunts from Left to Right

The deoxygenated blood returning from the body gets into the right atrium, which is one of the chambers of the heart. The 2 major veins, the superior and inferior venae cavae drain into the right atrium and all these are located on the right side of the

Intercostal Veins

There is a correspondence between the number of intercostal vein and the number of intercostal arteries. Two anterior intercostal veins and 1 posterior intercostal vein are included in every intercostal space. The branches of the arteries are correspondent to their tributaries. Anterior Intercostal Veins They’re present only

Venous Drainage of the Heart – Coronary Sinus, Anterior Cardiac Veins, Venae Cordisminimae (Thebesian Veins)

Venous blood from the heart is drained into right atrium by the following: A. Coronary sinus. B. Anterior cardiac veins. C. Venae cordisminimae (Thebesian veins). Coronary Sinus It’s the principal vein of the heart. The majority of the venous blood from the walls of the heart is

Superior Vena Cava – Course, Subdivision, Tributaries and Brachiocephalic Veins

Superior Vena Cava is about 7 cm long and 1.25 cm in diameter. Its location is in the superior and middle mediastina. The extrapericardial part is located in the superior mediastinum and intrapericardial part is located in the middle mediastinum. It collects deoxygenated blood from the upper

Azygos and Hemiazygos Veins

Azygos is a term which means single that means without a companion. Azygos, hemiazygos, and accessory hemiazygos veins together compose the azygos system. The front of thoracic part of vertebral column is where these veins are located and play a significant role in the venous drainage of

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