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Venous Drainage of the Upper Limb

The veins draining the upper limb, as elsewhere in the body, are split into 2 sets/groups: superficial deep The superficial veins are found in the superficial fascia and are easily accessible. Being easily accessible, they’re frequently utilized by the clinicians for drawing blood samples or for giving

Subclavian Vein

It stretches from the outer border of the very first rib to the medial border of the scalenus anterior, where it joins the internal jugular vein to create brachiocephalic vein and is the continuance of axillary vein. The subclavian vein is precisely the vein of the upper

Radial Vein

The upper limb has a venous drainage that includes a superficial system as well as a deep system. The superficial system empties towards the deep system. Within the forearm The radial veins are paired veins which go along with the radial artery. The veins of the deep

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