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Error 0x80004001 – MS Outlook

Common reasons like improper installation of Outlook, anti-malware issues, damaged/corrupt .pst file, etc. force this error code to pop up. To resolve errors like this and to make the PST file healthy again, Microsoft even provides various methods. Below mentioned are some solutions to resolve the error you are getting:

1. Make sure all the details are filled properly at the time of account creation, you can check that in the Account Settings of your Outlook profile.

2. Check if the internet connection is working properly.

3. Make sure there is no suspicious email in the mailbox as these can also harm the Outlook profile and PST file. Remove all the unwanted email messages.

4. A security factor, an Antivirus program, and its protocols may also interrupt and even create issues in Outlook.

5. Check and enable the Firewall setting also as it prevents the system from the suspicious external activities.

6. Open Outlook in Safe Mode as it helps the Outlook’s users to work in a protected manner even if any error occurs in their Outlook profile.

7. One of the best in-built methods to resolve Outlook errors is to Run the Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) to scans the PST error. It will help a user to create a backup of damaged PST files and then repair the files.

Outlook is a widely known e-mail client and it keeps all its mailbox data in a personal storage file (. pst) on a user computer. The Personal Storage Table or PST is the e-mail backup system that saves Outlook mailbox when e-mails are archived. This file can be easily located in the Outlook folder in C: \ Users \ admin \ Documents \ Outlook Files with extension ‘. pst’. One may refer to this file in case some emails are missing and need to be recovered. Every file is likely to be corrupted with time. There are several possible causes that make a PST file inaccessible to a user. Thus, in this post, the different ways regarding why PST files get corrupted and how you can repair it have been explained. Once the major cause has been determined fix can be applied according. There are multiple ways to fix a corrupt PST file.

Method 1: SCANPST.exe Tool

There is a tool named Free Inbox Repair Tool which is provided by Microsoft. It is an inbuilt tool that can be used to repair minor corruptions in an Outlook PST file. Follow the steps below in order to start using this scanpst.exe tool.

1. At first, find the scanpst tool located in the mail folder of MS Outlook. Follow the steps below to determine the scanpst location within the system.

Firstly, Right-click on Task Bar and click Task Manager.

Now, go to the Processes Tab.

Next, Right-click on Outlook and choose Open File Location. This will open a window where the scanpst file will be saved.

2. Then, Double click on the scanpst.exe file.

3. Next, Browse to the folder location where the corrupted Pst file is saved.

4. Then, click Start. This will start the repair process.

Method 2: Help Yourself with Third Party Tool

PST file corruption can be a serious issue preventing access to the mailbox and the items within it. In this post, possible reasons as to why PST files get corrupted and how to repair damaged file have been discussed. The best way to repair corrupt PST file is to use Outlook PST file repair software. It is very easy to use and recommended by many data recovery agents. As soon as the tool scans the PST file it repairs any minor or major corruptions within it. The software is so advanced that it could even repair highly corrupt PST file data and display it for user preview.




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