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Deep Veins of The Leg

The Deep Veins of The Leg are located in the tight fascial compartment along the arteries.

The major deep veins of the lower limb are as follows:

  • Deep veins of the sole (example, medial and lateral plantar veins).
  • Venae comitantes accompanying the dorsalis pedis, anterior tibial, and posterior tibial arteries.
  • Popliteal vein.
  • Femoral vein.

Clinical Significance

Deep Vein Thrombosis

The veins of the lower limb possess valves, which steer the blood circulation to the heart especially against gravity in erect position. The valves are somewhat more numerous in the deep veins than in the superficial veins. The veins from the muscles draining into the deep veins have valves with the exception of those in the soleus, that are ordered in the create of venous sinuses. The blood flow is sluggish in the soleal sinuses especially when the muscles are set to rest. Lengthy rest in bed by some patients after surgery is unwise since it might develop deep vein thrombosis, which might culminate into life threatening complication of the pulmonary embolism.

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