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Femoral Vein

The Femoral Vein is the upward continuation of the popliteal vein in the adductor hiatus. Therefore, it starts at the lower end of the adductor canal, ascends in adductor canal, and enters the femoral triangle, where after traversing the intermediate compartment of the femoral sheath it continues

Venous Drainage of The Lower Limb

The Venous Drainage of The Lower Limb has vast clinical and surgical importance. The venous blood of the lower limb is emptied against gravity. Yet, a number of factors facilitate its drainage (vide infra). If these factors don’t assist the drainage, the immobility of venous blood in

Saphenous Vein

Great Saphenous Vein The Great Saphenous Vein is located in the superficial fascia and is easily observed (Greek saphenous = easily viewed). The great saphenous vein is the longest vein of the body and represents the pre-axial vein of the lower limb. It’s also termed long saphenous

Deep Veins of The Leg

The Deep Veins of The Leg are located in the tight fascial compartment along the arteries. The major deep veins of the lower limb are as follows: Deep veins of the sole (example, medial and lateral plantar veins). Venae comitantes accompanying the dorsalis pedis, anterior tibial, and

Varicose Veins And Varicose Ulcers of The Lower Limb

Varicose Veins is the name given to those veins when the veins become swollen, dilated and tortuous.The dilatation of superficial veins and slow degeneration of their walls may result in varicose ulcers. Due to incompetency of the valves, followed by lengthy standing (e.g bus conductors, traffic police,

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