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Transverse cervical nerve


The transverse cervical nerve is a division of the cervical plexus originating from the anterior rami of cervical nerves C2 and C3. The transverse cervical nerve is otherwise known as the

  • Superficial cervical nerve
  • Cutaneous cervical nerve
  • Anterior cutaneous cervical nerve of the neck
Transverse cervical nerve

Transverse cervical nerve


It appears from under the posterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, near the middle of the muscle, and loops all around the sternocleidomastoid in order to cross its anterior surface in a transverse direction. It continues through the neck and supplies cutaneous nerve supply to this area.

Branches and supply

  • The superior (or ascending) branches proceed to the submaxillary region and ultimately create a plexus with the cervical branch of the facial nerve deep towards the platysma muscle. Other superior branches penetrate the platysma muscle and are circulated to the skin together with the upper and anterior surface of the neck.
  • The inferior (or descending) branches perforate the platysma muscle and are dispersed towards the skin over the anterior and lateral parts of the neck inferiorly till the sternum.
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