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Oculomotor Nerve

As its name indicates, it moves the eye. It supplies majority of the muscles of the eye and plays a main part in lodging of the eye. Oculomotor nerve is the 3rd cranial nerve. It’s a motor nerve only. Functional Parts and Nuclei General somatic efferent fibres:

Buccal Nerve

The buccal nerve originates from the anterior trunk of the mandibular nerve. It is mainly a sensory nerve, but to the lateral pterygoid muscle as well as towards part of the temporalis muscle, may carry the motor innervation. Insertion The buccal nerve travels laterally in the middle

Trochlear Nerve

Trochlear nerve is the 4th cranial nerve. It is a motor nerve and supplies only 1 muscle the superior oblique muscle of the eyeball. Unique Features It’s the only cranial nerve which comes on the dorsal aspect of the brain. It’s the most slender of all the

Auriculotemporal Nerve

The auriculotemporal nerve emerges as two roots, which near the middle meningeal artery travel posteriorly by rising upwards from the maxillary artery towards the foramen spinosum and it is the first branch of the posterior trunk of the mandibular nerve. Insertion The auriculotemporal nerve passes first among

Abducent or Abducens Nerve

Abducent or Abducens Nerve is the 6th cranial nerve. Abuducent nerve is a motor  nerve and supplies only 1 muscle, the lateral rectus of the eye-ball. It is named so because it abducts the eye. Abducent nerve is also known as fan’s nerve, because in ancient times

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