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Cervical Plexus

Formation The cervical plexus is also named plexus of loops because ventral ramus of C1 and branches of C2 C4 ventral rami are joined with 1 another to create 3 loops. The very first loop is directed forwards in front of the transverse process of atlas and

Infratrochlear Nerve

The infratrochlear nerve is a division of the nasociliary nerve and emerges nearby the anterior ethmoidal foramen. It travels along the medial wall of the orbit prior leaving over the medial canthus. The infratrochlear nerve also laterally obtains a branch from the supratrochlear nerve. Functions The nerve

Ventral Rami

31 pairs of spinal nerves are found in the human body. All spinal nerves originate through a ventral root and a dorsal root. Note that in the human anatomy, anterior and posterior are correspondingly equivalent of ventral and dorsal. All roots are formed by the combination of

Cervical Part of the Sympathetic Trunk

Both sympathetic trunks (left and right) join to create ganglion impar and they both go from the base of the skull to the base of coccyx. The cervical part of Sympathetic trunk is located in front of the transverse processes of cervical vertebrae and neck of the

Lacrimal Nerve

The lacrimal nerve is the smallest among the three branches of the ophthalmic nerve, once inside the orbit it travels onward alongside the upper margin of the lateral rectus muscle; along with lacrimal artery it goes with the lateral wall of the orbit and concludes in the

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