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Bones and Cartilages

Pubic Tubercle

The pubic tubercle is a vital superficial landmark. It may be recognized as a small projection alongside the superior aspect of the pubis. Medial towards the pubic tubercle, the pubic crest is the rim of bone, at the superior aspect of the pubic bone.

Pubic Crest

The pubic crest is the broadened upper border of the body of pubis and in order to create tubercle referred to as pubic tubercle its lateral end points forwards. The pubic crest is the rim of bone, medial towards the pubic tubercle, at the superior aspect of

Sacral Promontory

Sacral promontory indicates portion of the margin of the pelvic inlet and is the extended part of sacrum. The sacral promontory joins at an angle which is approximately 30 degrees and is called sacrovertebral angle. The apex is pointed downward and has an oval facet for combining

Iliac Spine

There are four bony projections in the ilium, which is a bone of the pelvic girdle, with each one functioning as points of attachment for muscles and ligaments; the term iliac spine refers to any four projections of the ilium. The posterior boundary of the ilium extends

Gynecoid Pelvis

The birth passage is made up of three parts, the pelvic inlet, pelvic cavity, and the pelvic outlet. The bony pelvis can be classified into four types: Gynecoid   Android   Anthropoid Platypelloid Among them, the gynecoid type of pelvis is the most commonly found and has

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