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Bones and Cartilages


The ischium is located laterally and interiorly to both of the ilium as well as the pubis and creates the posteroinferior part of the os coxa. When an individual is sitting up upright, a person sits on the ischial tuberosities and instead of the legs this bone

Pubic Symphysis

Every one of the joint’s surfaces is enveloped by hyaline cartilage and is connected throughout the midline to surrounding surfaces by fibrocartilage. The pubic symphysis is located anteriorly in between the surrounding surfaces of the pubic bones. Structure of Pubic Symphysis Functionally, the pubic symphysis is referred

Bones of Pelvis

Hip Bone The Hip Bone is a large unusual flat bone in the region of hip. The hip bone is created by the fusion of 3 primary bones- the ilium, the ischium, and the pubis. The hip bone presents upper and lower increased parts and a middle

Epiphyseal Line/Plate

The epiphyseal line is bone formed inside the epiphyseal plate when bone is fully grown. The cartilage inside the epiphyseal plate is substituted through bone around the ages of 18-21 when a bone ceases to grow lengthwise. This phenomenon of substitution is called epiphyseal closure. The regions

Pubic Tubercle

The pubic tubercle is a vital superficial landmark. It may be recognized as a small projection alongside the superior aspect of the pubis. Medial towards the pubic tubercle, the pubic crest is the rim of bone, at the superior aspect of the pubic bone.

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