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Radial Artery

The Radial Artery is the main artery in the human forearm. It starts from the brachial artery at roughly the neck of the radius and enters along the lateral aspect of the forearm. Origin and Course The radial artery is the smaller terminal branch of the brachial

Subclavian Arteries

It is found below the clavicle that is why it is called subcalvian artery. It’s the primary source of blood supply to the upper limb and therefore termed artery of the upper limb. On the other hand, the subclavian artery also supplies appreciable part of the thoracic

Common Interosseous Artery

Common interosseous artery develops from the upper portion of the ulnar artery and following a very short course here at the upper border of interosseous membrane, it splits within anterior as well as posterior interosseous arteries. Origin The common interosseous artery is the thickest as well as

Arcuate Arteries (Shoulder)

The intraosseous part of axillary artery has been called the arcuate artery due to its posteromedial path after going into the humeral head. Multiple sections radiate in order to supply the subchondral bone of the humeral head. Arcuate arteries are ending sections of axillary artery. The axillary

Deep Palmar Arch

The radial artery turns close to the lateral side of the wrist and within the deep plane of the palm by piercing anteriorly via the back of the hand and also goes over the floor of the anatomical snuffbox. It goes among the two heads of the

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