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Windows Update Error Code 80070103

The appearance of the error code on your screen must not be a huge problem of concern. You have to consider it as a caution message, that makes it essential to take initiate corrective steps.

Error Message: Error Code 80070103 Windows Update ran into a problem.

Error 80070103 normally appears when Windows aims to update a device driver on your computer system or after you update to Windows 10 operating system and Windows tries to update all your device drivers. This error is extremely extensive and has actually been there for a long time now.

Cause of Error 80070103

  • While installing a device driver when the very same driver is currently installed in the system.
  • When Windows update attempts to install a device driver that is not compatible with an existing one, implying that the Existing device driver is of a greater rating than one that Windows aims to install.
  • When upgrading your existing Windows OS. In all instances, the issue is always either a proxy or an internal conflict issue.
  • When a device driver is not working properly or is outdated.

Find Out which Driver Causes the Error

  • Type Windows Update at search box from Start menu. Then click Windows Update or Check for updates from the top result.
  • Click View update history.
  • Then you can find the specific failed device driver update on the top.

How to Fix Error Code 80070103?

Method 1: Update your Device Driver

  • Go to the device manufacturer’s website.
  • Find and download the latest driver for your device from the website.
  • Install the downloaded driver on your computer.
  • Reboot your system to make the new driver take effect.

Method 2: Hiding the Update

  • Click to check for updates.
  • Click on the “Optional updates are available” link.
  • Right-click on the update you need to hide before clicking on “Hide update.”
  • Complete by clicking to install remaining updates, clicking OK and re-starting your computer.
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