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Windows Errors


Fix Windows 10 black screen with mouse pointer problem

Seeing just a cursor on a black screen all of a sudden? Annoying and troubling at the same time right? The problem is common but still uncommon in terms of solutions. But we have got it covered for you. Have a look at the solutions. Methods to

Problem Accessing Safe Mode in Windows 10? Here’s How

You might have noticed that Windows 10 does not let you access the safe mode just by pressing the F8 or the SHIFT + F8 keys on your keyboard. These methods do not work anymore as the Windows 10 startup process has become faster than ever before. But the good news

Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device

Reboot and select proper boot device is a serious hardware or system issue. Reboot and select proper boot device occurs on screen when a user tries to boot into their system and it will prevent the user from logging into the system. The full message that appears

Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates

Windows Update error Windows update cannot currently check for updates is a common error experienced by a lot of users which occurs due to the corruption of SoftwareDistribution folder. Windows update cannot currently check for updates can occur in any version of Windows operating system. The full

Fix Microsoft compatibility Telemetry process High Disk Usage

Microsoft compatibility Telemetry process usually collects and forwards the data to Microsoft servers so that they can detect the problems in the collected amount of data if there are any. But this process sometimes uses high disk volume causing the PC to slow down. The problem is

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