Adductor Magnus is a big composite muscle having 2 parts: adductor and hamstring.


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It appears from:

  • The adductor part originates from the outer surface of ischiopubic ramus, primarily from ramus of ischium.
  • The hamstring part originates from the inferolateral part of the ischial tuberosity.


  • The fibres of adductor part pass obliquely downward, backward, and laterally to be added in linear style into the medial margin of gluteal tuberosity, medial lip of linea aspera, and upper part of medial supracondylar line up to the adductor hiatus.
  • The fibres of the hamstring part pass vertically downward to be added into the adductor tubercle by a rounded tendon, which sends a fibrous growth to the lower part of medial supracondylar line below the hiatus.

Nerve Supply

It’s supplied by:


1. Adduction and medial rotation of the thigh in the hip joint.

2. Hamstring part is a feeble extensor of the thigh in the hip joint.