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Leg Muscles

Muscles of the leg include muscles of the thigh and foot. Leg muscles functions to perform all the motions and movements of the lower limb like standing, running, dancing etc. Leg muscles can be divided into 3 compartments: Anterior compartment, posterior compartment and lateral compartment. Muscles of

Medial Compartment of the Thigh

The Medial Compartment of the Thigh is one of the fascial compartments of the thigh and the adductor compartment of the thigh is well developed. Its counterpart in the arm has gotten degeneration during the course of development and is represented only by a feeble coracobrachialis muscle

Cruciate Ligaments

Cruciate ligaments are located inside the knee joint. They directly hold the joint in between the Femur and Tibia, they are two thick, tough and fibrous bands. They look like the collateral ligaments that were discovered in primitive femorotibial joints. They support the knee joint anteroposteriorly. According

Semimembranosus Muscle

The semimembranosus muscle is located deep towards the semitendinosus muscle inside the posterior part of the thigh. Extensions via the tendon as well enter inside and support the creation of ligaments as well as fascia over the knee joint. It is connected superior to the superolateral indentation


Pectineus is a flat quadrilateral muscle which is located in the floor of femoral triangle between psoas major laterally and adductor longus medially. Origin It appears from the pecten pubis, upper half of the pectineal surface of the superior ramus of pubis and pectineal fascia. Insertion The

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