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Leg Muscles

Muscles of the leg include muscles of the thigh and foot. Leg muscles functions to perform all the motions and movements of the lower limb like standing, running, dancing etc. Leg muscles can be divided into 3 compartments: Anterior compartment, posterior compartment and lateral compartment. Muscles of

Adductor Canal (Subsartorial Canal/ Hunter’s Canal)

The Adductor Canal is an intermuscular tunnel situated on the medial side of the middle one-third of the thigh. Adductor canal is 15cm long and stretches from the apex of the femoral triangle, above, to the tendinous opening in the adductor magnus, below. Adductor canal gives passage

Muscles of The Posterior Compartment of The Leg

Muscles of the posterior (flexor) compartment of the leg are divided into two groups, superficial and deep, separated by a layer of deep fascia. Generally, the muscles mainly plantarflex and invert the foot and flex the toes. The tibial nerve gives supply to all of them. Superficial

Semitendinosus Muscle

The semitendinosus muscle is located in the posterior portion of the thigh and also it is medial towards the biceps femoris muscle. Just posterior towards the tendons of the gracilis and sartorius muscles acting as a part of the pes anserinus, the tendon loops above the medial condyle

Medial Compartment of the Thigh

The Medial Compartment of the Thigh is one of the fascial compartments of the thigh and the adductor compartment of the thigh is well developed. Its counterpart in the arm has gotten degeneration during the course of development and is represented only by a feeble coracobrachialis muscle

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