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Leg Muscles

Muscles of the leg include muscles of the thigh and foot. Leg muscles functions to perform all the motions and movements of the lower limb like standing, running, dancing etc. Leg muscles can be divided into 3 compartments: Anterior compartment, posterior compartment and lateral compartment. Muscles of

Obturator Externus

Obturator Externus is a fan-shaped muscle being located above and lateral to the pectineus.  It’s not a muscle of adductor compartment but its here due to its close relationship with the structures of the adductor compartment of the thigh.   Origin It originates from the outer surface

Plantar Interossei

The third, fourth, and little toes toward the long axis through the second toe are adducted by plantar interossei muscles. Origin The medial side of its associated metatarsal serves as point of origin for each plantar interosseous muscle. The medial free margin of the extensor hood and

Vastus Intermedius

The vastus intermedius muscle is located along the upper section of the femur that is also called the thighbone. This particular muscle envelops the frontal portion of the femur as well as the side of the femur. It is precisely below and terminates at the rectus femoris

Muscles of The Gluteal Region

Muscles of The Gluteal Region is the area that covers region of the rear and the side, of the lateral half of the pelvis. It covers the iliac crest from above to the gluteal fold from below. It goes laterally up to a virtual line converging the

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