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Depressor Supercilli

The depressor supercilii muscle is a facial muscle which is located in the eye region. But, instead of being a separate muscle a lot of anatomical experts assume it to be a portion of the orbicularis oculi muscle.


The depressor supercilii arises:

  • From the medial orbital rim.
  • From the fascia covering the lower part of the nasal bone.


The depressor supercilii attaches into the skin inferior to the eyebrow and on the medial side of the bony orbit within the intercanthal zone.


The depressor supercilii mainly lowers of the eyebrow. Furthermore, it is assumed to help in moving the glabella, the skin superior to the nose and in the middle of the eyebrows.


The temporal branch of the facial nerve (CN VII) supplies the depressor supercilii.

Blood Supply

Mainly, divisions of the facial artery supply the depressor supercilii.

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