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Levator Scapulae Muscle

The levator scapulae muscle is an elongated muscle present in the shoulder girdle. It acts as a connection between the upper limb and the vertebral column and can be located in the posterior triangle of the neck. Sternocleidomastoid covers the superior aspect of the levator scapulae whereas its

Prevertebral (Anterior Vertebral) Muscles

They are located in front of the cervical part of the vertebral column. All of them are supplied by ventral rami of cervical nerves and covered by prevertebral fascia. The posterior boundary of the retropharyngeal space is created by them. They bend the neck and the head

Genioglossus Muscle

Genioglossus muscle is an extrinsic muscle of tongue which is fan-shaped and creates the most of the volume of the tongue together with its equivalent of the contrasting part. Origin The genioglossus muscles begin from the superior mental spines at the posterior side of the mandibular symphysis

Temporalis Muscle

The temporalis muscle arises alongside the temporal lines of the parietal bone of the skull and it is a fan-shaped muscle. The muscle is located inside the temporal fossa. A robust fibrous aponuerotic sheath known as the temporalis fascia encloses it and travels medial towards the zygomatic

Paravertebral (Lateral Vertebral) Muscles

From transverse processes of cervical vertebrae to the upper 2 ribs, the paravertebral muscles stretch out. They can, therefore, either bend the cervical part of the vertebral column laterally or elevate these ribs. These muscles create a thick mass behind the prevertebral fascia and supplied by twigs

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