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Geniohyoid Muscle

The geniohyoid muscle is a slim muscle which is located superior towards the medial margin of the mylohyoid muscle.

The geniohyoid muscle is among the suprahyoid muscles of the neck which is supplied via the ventral ramus of C1. Geniohyoid pulls the hyoid bone up and forward at the time of mastication and helps to open the mandible.


Geniohyoid muscle originates from inferior genial tubercle of the mandible.

Geniohyoid Muscle

Geniohyoid Muscle


The fibres travel posterior as well as inferior in order to attach with the anterior surface of the body of the hyoid bone, Superior to the medial part of the mylohyoid muscle.

Nerve supply

Geniohyoid muscle is innervated via CI fibres through hypoglossal nerve.


The paired geniohyoid muscles are located nearby one another and are directly superior towards the mylohyoid muscles at the floor of the mouth as well as inferior towards the genioglossus muscles which create the roof of the mouth.


Geniohyoid raises the hyoid bone through pulling it superiorly and anteriorly. Whenever the hyoid bone is fixed, they may depress the mandible.

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