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Dorsal Nasal Artery

Dorsal Nasal Artery a.k.a. External nasal emerges from the orbit over the medial palpebral ligament artery. It is the extra concluding branch of the ophthalmic artery.


Dorsal Nasal Artery

Dorsal Nasal Artery


The dorsal nasal artery originates from the orbit, in the middle of the trochlea and the medial palpebral ligament, piercing the orbital septum just beneath the supratrochlear artery, travelling on towards the root of the nose.

After emerging from the orbit, it produces the glabellar branch as well as the main extension goes inferomedially producing its concluding branches within the upper nose, next to the lateral side and the dorsum, and anastomosing with the nearby arteries.


  • The dorsal nasal artery circulates the upper part of the nose as well as the skin along with periosteum of glabella.
  • It anastomoses with
    •  Medial palpebral artery
    •  Angular artery
    •  Supratrochlear artery
    •  Contralateral side.


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