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Arteries of Neck

Subcalvian artery It is found below the clavicle that is why it is called subcalvian artery. It’s the primary source of blood supply to the upper limb and therefore termed artery of the upper limb. On the other hand, the subclavian artery also supplies appreciable part of

Arteries of The Head And Neck

Arteries of The Head And Neck

Greater Occipital Nerve

The greater occipital nerve is the largest purely afferent nerve in the body and arises from the C2 dorsal ramus with variable assistance from the C1, C3, and C4 nerve roots. They distribute supply of the occipital scalp and are elongations of the cervical dorsal roots that

Posterior Auricular Artery

The posterior auricular artery originates over the posterior belly of the digastric muscle, and rises upwards in the groove in the middle of the auricle along with the mastoid process. Insertion The posterior auricular artery is a small vessel that originates from the carotid artery. In order

Dorsal Nasal Artery

Dorsal Nasal Artery a.k.a. External nasal emerges from the orbit over the medial palpebral ligament artery. It is the extra concluding branch of the ophthalmic artery.   Insertion The dorsal nasal artery originates from the orbit, in the middle of the trochlea and the medial palpebral ligament,

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