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Arteries of Neck

Subcalvian artery

It is found below the clavicle that is why it is called subcalvian artery. It’s the primary source of blood supply to the upper limb and therefore termed artery of the upper limb. On the other hand, the subclavian artery also supplies appreciable part of the thoracic wall, head, neck and brain via its branches.
It originates from the brachiocephalic trunk supporting the right sternoclavicular joint in the root of neck.
At the outer border of first rib where the subclavian artery continues as the axillary artery.
Ways to subclavian artery: The 3rd part of the subclavian artery is the most superficial and its pulsations can be felt on deep pressure. It’s found largely in the supraclavicular triangle, where it is located on the very first rib. It can be compressed against the very first rib by pressing downwards, backwards and medially in the angle between the clavicle and posterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.

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