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Submandibular Fossa

The submandibular fossa a.k.a. the mandibular fossa or submaxillary fossa is structurally a concave, recessed area of bone.

  • The submandibular fossa is found among the body of the mandible and both bellies of the digastric muscle.
  • The mylohyoid, hyoglossus, and styloglossus muscles create the medial wall of the fossa.
Submandibular Fossa

Submandibular Fossa

The submandibular gland is found in the sub-mandibular fossa, which is consecutively enclosed via the superficial cervical fascia.

The duct of this gland goes medial and cranial toward the mylohyoid muscle to the orifice of the submandibular duct. The more concave it is structurally, then, there is a higher the possibility of puncturing the submandibular fossa while bone preparation during

  • Surgical removal of teeth
  • Implant bed preparation.
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