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Parietal lobe

The parietal lobe is one of the four lobes of the cerebrum which and it lies posterior to the central sulcus and above the lateral sulcus. It is the major centre for reception and evaluation of all sensory information except smell, hearing and vision. In the parietal

Infratemporal Fossa

Temple Fossa, Temporomandibular Joint and Pterygo-palatine Fossa. The infratemporal fossa is the space underneath the base of the skull, between ramus of the mandible and the side wall of the pharynx. Together via a gap deep to the zygomatic arch it interacts with the temporal fossa. It’s

Ala of Nose – Structure, Arterial and Nerve Supply and Nasal Alar Necrosis

The external nose is attached superiorly to the nasal bones and inferiorly to the anterior nasal spine. Each protruding lateral margin of nose is known individually as a wing of the nose or an ala of nose. Structure Attaching to the vestibule, its internal surface of ala

Zygomatic Processes

Zygomatic process rises from two roots on the anterolateral face of the squamous temporal bone and is a thin, arch-shaped protuberance. Structure The anterior end of the arch rises in a medial location from the articular tubercle. Its anterior root originates medially from the articular tubercle. A

Maxillary Sinus

The maxillary sinuses are the largest of the paranasal sinuses, located one on each side as well as totally fill the bodies of the maxillae. Each is pyramid shaped with the laterally pointed top and the base deep towards the lateral wall of the neighboring nasal cavity.

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