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Parietal lobe

The parietal lobe is one of the four lobes of the cerebrum which and it lies posterior to the central sulcus and above the lateral sulcus. It is the major centre for reception and evaluation of all sensory information except smell, hearing and vision. In the parietal

Foramen Cecum of Frontal Bone

The foramen cecum is a small indentation which is transformed within a foramen through articulation with the ethmoid, where the frontal crest of the frontal bone terminates inferiorly. This foramen differs in size, and is often impermeable; from the nose towards the superior sagittal sinus it conveys

Incisive Canal

The incisive canal is located in the floor of each nasal cavity. It provides another route through which structures enter as well as exit the nasal cavities. Incisive canal is located directly lateral towards the nasal septum and also immediately posterosuperior within the maxilla towards the root

Anterior Clinoid Process

From the anterior portion of the body of sphenoid each lesser wing originates via two roots. The optic canal is located in the middle of these two roots. The protuberant medial terminations of the lesser wings are referred to as anterior clinoid processes. The anterior termination of

Lesser Palatine Foramen

The lesser palatine foramen refers to 2 small foramina corresponding the aperture within the hard palate of a small co-contributing canal originating from the greater palatine canal called the lesser palatine canal. They are located within the posterior palatine bone posterior towards the greater palatine foramen as

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