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Infraorbital Foramen

Infraorbital Foramen is also called as Foramen Infraorbitale which is the “Latin” word by which the actual name is originated.

Infra-Orbital Foramen

Infra-Orbital Foramen


The foramen is a portion of the maxillary bone, not the same as the supraorbital foramen which is a part of the frontal bone of the skull. It is similarly a bilateral foramen.

A groove called the infra-orbital groove is found, which continues anteriorly across the floor of the orbit starting posteriorly and going nearly two-thirds of the inferior orbital fissure. This groove attaches with the infra-orbital canal which opens over the face on the infraorbital foramen.

Structures passing via Infraorbital Foramen:

  • Infraorbital Nerve
  • Infraorbital Artery
  • Infraorbital Vein

Clinical Significance

The sensitivity of the infraorbital nerve is tested by the infra-orbital foramen, as a pressure point. During extra oral examination or Local Anesthetic administration examination of the area of foramen creates soreness to the area.

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