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Incisive Canal

The incisive canal is located in the floor of each nasal cavity. It provides another route through which structures enter as well as exit the nasal cavities. Incisive canal is located directly lateral towards the nasal septum and also immediately posterosuperior within the maxilla towards the root of the central incisor. The two incisive canals, one on each side, both open into the single unpaired incisive fossa in the roof of the oral cavity and transmit:

  • The nasopalatine nerve from the nasal cavity into the oral cavity.
  • The terminal end of the greater palatine artery from the oral cavity into the nasal cavity.
Incisive Canal

Incisive Canal

Incisive canal has two parts:

  • The maxillary incisive canal travels via the maxilla within the midline. While opening at the incisive foramen posterior towards the central maxillary incisor teeth, it attaches the inferior nasal cavity together with the superior oral cavity. It contains the descending palatine artery along with the nasopalatine nerve.
  • The mandibular incisive canal is a bony canal located inside the anterior mandible which travels together from the mental foramina usually towards the zone of the ipsilateral lateral incisor teeth. The inferior alveolar nerve carries on anteriorly within the mandibular incisive canal as the incisive nerve after dividing into the mental nerve that goes out of the foramen of the same name, providing innervation to the mandibular:
    • First premolar
    • Canine
    • Lateral
    • Central incisors

The mandibular incisive nerve either ends as nerve endings inside the anterior teeth or neighboring bone, or via the tiny lingual foramen may link nerve endings which go inside.

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