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Marginal Artery of Colon

The marginal artery of the colon, also known as, the marginal artery of Drummond is a constant arterial circle or passageway created due to the anastomoses of the terminal divisions of the superior mesenteric artery and inferior mesenteric artery throughout the inner border of the colon. Structure

Common Hepatic Artery

The common hepatic artery is a medium-sized section of the celiac trunk. It splits within its two concluding sections after it travels towards the right, the hepatic artery proper along with the gastroduodenal artery. The hepatic artery proper rises within the free edge of the lesser omentum

Cystic Artery

The cystic artery is part of the components of Calots triangle. Origin and Insertion The cystic artery is the main supply towards the gallbladder. Hepatic artery proper is the extension of the common hepatic artery. On the porta hepatis it produces right and left hepatic arteries. In

Renal Artery

Renal artery is among the pair of large blood vessels that expand via the abdominal aorta and participate in each kidney. At the inner concavity of every kidney there is an entrance, referred to as the hilum, through that the renal artery enters. After travelling through the

Superior Mesenteric Artery

Origin Superior Mesenteric Artery is a major artery of the abdomen. It appears from the very front of the abdominal aorta supporting the body of pancreas near its neck in the level of L1 vertebra about half inch (1.25 cm) below the origin of coeliac trunk. Course

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