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Cystic Artery

The cystic artery is part of the components of Calots triangle. Origin and Insertion The cystic artery is the main supply towards the gallbladder. Hepatic artery proper is the extension of the common hepatic artery. On the porta hepatis it produces right and left hepatic arteries. In

Renal Artery

Renal artery is among the pair of large blood vessels that expand via the abdominal aorta and participate in each kidney. At the inner concavity of every kidney there is an entrance, referred to as the hilum, through that the renal artery enters. After travelling through the

Superior Mesenteric Artery

Origin Superior Mesenteric Artery is a major artery of the abdomen. It appears from the very front of the abdominal aorta supporting the body of pancreas near its neck in the level of L1 vertebra about half inch (1.25 cm) below the origin of coeliac trunk. Course

Abdominal Aorta

Abdominal Aorta is the main blood vessel in the abdominal cavity. It is the largest blood vessel in the abdomen opposite to the lower border of the T12 vertebra or intervertebral disc between vertebrae T12 and L1 that starts as the continuance of descending thoracic aorta in

Ileocolic Artery

The ileocolic artery emerges around the root of the mesentery of the small intestine via the superior mesenteric artery, going down towards the right in the direction of the caecum inside the mesentery, as well as going across anterior to the right ureter, genital vessels along with

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