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Inferior Nasal Concha (Turbinate Bone)

There are 2 inferior nasal conchae. Every inferior nasal concha projects downwards from the lateral wall of the nasal cavity. It’s a curved bony plate and presents these features:

  • Medial and lateral surfaces.
  • Superior and inferior edges.
  • Anterior and posterior ends.

Medial and Lateral Surfaces

The medial surface is convex. The lateral surface is deeply concave and creates the medial wall of the inferior meatus of the nose.

Superior and Inferior Edges

The superior border is thin and uneven. Its anterior part articulates with conchal crest of maxilla and posterior part with conchal crest of the palatine bone. The middle presents 3 processes from before backwards: lacrimal, maxillary and ethmoidal. The inferior border is thick and gradually arch.

Anterior and Posterior Ends

Both anterior and posterior ends are pointed; the latter is more marrow.

Clinical Significance

The lacrimal process of inferior nasal concha articulates with the margins of nasolacrimal groove of maxilla to create nasolacrimal canal. The surgical fracture of inferior nasal concha is occasionally needed to handle congenital lacrimal defects.

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Inferior Nasal Concha

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