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Bones and Cartilages


There are totally 2 maxillae, 1 on every side of midline. The 2 together create the upper jaw. They have uneven pneumatic bone structure. Parts of the Maxilla It is the second largest bone of the face. It consists of 5 parts: a body and 4 processes.

Bones of Neck

Hyoid Bone Not really a part of the skull, this U-shaped bone lies in the very front of the neck between the mandible and the larynx in the level of the third cervical vertebra. It’s exceptional in the meaning that, it’s suspended from styloid processes of temporal

Lateral Masses of C1/Atlas

The atlas a.k.a. C1 is the first vertebra of the spinal column. It connects with the occipital bone, which, is a flat bone located at the posterior part of the head. The atlas is made up of: Anterior arch Posterior arch Paired lateral masses Paired transverse processes

Temporal Bone

It is situated on every side in the base and side of the skull and is an uneven pneumatic bone.   Parts It consists of the 4 subsequent morphological parts: Squamous part Petromastoid part Tympanic part Styloid process Squamous Part It projects upwards to create the side

Thyroid Cartilage

The thyroid cartilage is the largest among the laryngeal cartilages. It is created from a right and a left lamina, which are extensively isolated posteriorly; however, they converge and link anteriorly. The most superior point of the site of combination amongst the two wide flat laminae projects

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