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Bones and Cartilages


It is the lower jaw bone. It has lower teeth and is the biggest, strongest and lowermost bone of the face. Parts It is composed of 3 parts: a horizontally-oriented body and 2 vertically oriented rami and is horseshoe shaped bone. Body The body of the mandible

Bones of Head

The human head contains 29 bones in total, consisting of cranial bones, facial bones, hyoid bone and auditory bones. The frontal bone, parietal bone, occipital bone, temporal bone, sphenoid bone, and ethmoid bones contribute together to form a total of 8 cranial bones. The maxilla, mandible, zygoma,

Cricoid Cartilage

The only complete ring of cartilage around the trachea is the cricoid cartilage or cricoid ring. It creates the posterior part of the voice box and functions as an attachment site for muscles, cartilages, as well as ligaments associated with opening and closing the airway and in


There are totally 2 maxillae, 1 on every side of midline. The 2 together create the upper jaw. They have uneven pneumatic bone structure. Parts of the Maxilla It is the second largest bone of the face. It consists of 5 parts: a body and 4 processes.

Bones of Neck

Hyoid Bone Not really a part of the skull, this U-shaped bone lies in the very front of the neck between the mandible and the larynx in the level of the third cervical vertebra. It’s exceptional in the meaning that, it’s suspended from styloid processes of temporal

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