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Bones and Cartilages

Frontal Bone

The frontal (L. frontal = brow) bone lies in the region of the brow. Its shape is similar to a shell. Parts It includes the following 6 parts: Squamous part (main part) Nasal part 2 orbital plates 2 zygomatic processes Squamous Part The orbital plate joins on

Anterior Nasal Spine

Anterior nasal spine is a pointed midline anterior protrusion of the premaxillae at the lower margin of the nasal opening. Through a fibrous connection of periosteum along with perichondrium, the nasal septum is firmly attached with the nasal spine as well as the maxillary crest. According to

Occipital Bone

The occipital bone is located in the posterior part of the skull. It’s identified by the presence of the large foramen magnum. Parts It is composed of the following 4 parts: Squamous part 2 condylar parts Basilar part Squamous Part It’s an enlarged plate above and behind

Pterygoid Hamulus

The pterygoid hamulus is an extended hook-shaped structure protruding posterolaterally from the inferior boundary of the medial plate of the pterygoid process. Pterygoid hamulus is located directly at the back of the alveolar arch as well as inferior towards the posterior margin of the hard palate. Function

Sphenoid Bone

It is an unpaired bone situated at the base of the skull. Its resemblance is of the shape of a butterfly or bat with outstretched wings. Parts It is composed of the following 7 parts: A body. 2 lesser wings. 2 greater wings. 2 pterygoid processes. 2

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