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Latissimus Dorsi

Latissimus dorsi (lat) is a large, flat triangular muscle which is also the widest muscle in the human body. It begins in the lower portion of the back and tapers as it ascends to a narrow tendon that attaches to the humerus anteriorly. Due to which the

Back Muscles – The Muscles of the Back

Muscles of the back can be divided into superficial, intermediate, and deep group. Since the all the back muscles originate in embryo (fetus) form by locations other than the back, muscles in the superficial, as well as, intermediate groups, are extrinsic muscles. Anterior rami of spinal nerve

Multifidus Muscles

The Multifidus muscles is the second group of muscles towards the semispinalis situated deep within this group, span the length of the vertebral column, going through a lateral point of beginning upwards then medially in order to connect with spinous processes and also extending amongst two and

Erector Spinae Muscles

Among intrinsic back muscles the erector spinae remains the largest group. The muscles are located medially amid the spinous processes, posterolaterally towards the vertebral column as well as laterally towards the angles of the ribs. Inside the thoracic and lumbar regions thoracolumbar fascia as well as the

Psoas Major

Psoas Major is a long fusiform muscle stretching from the sides of lumbar vertebrae to the lesser trochanter of the femur. The enclosing of the Psoas major is a fascial sheath known as Psoas Sheath. Origin The origination of the psoas major  muscle takes place from 14

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