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Plantar Nerves

Plantar Nerves are the nerves that go through the ankle joint to the sole of the foot. Plantar refers to anything that is related to the sole of the foot. There are 2 plantar nerves- medial and lateral. Medial Plantar Nerve The medial plantar nerve is the

Femoral Nerve

Femoral Nerve is the main nerve of anterior compartment of thigh. It originates from the dorsal sections of the anterior primary rami of L2, L3, L4 nerves and is the largest branch of lumbar plexus. It goes into the thigh behind the inguinal ligament and lateral to

Cutaneous Innervation of The Lower Limb

The branches of nerves of sacral and lumbar plexuses are the points of origin of cutaneous nerves that supply the lower limb , the exception being some proximal unisegmental nerves that originate from T12 or L1 spinal nerves. The lateral and posterior cutaneous nerves of thigh and

Segmental Innervation of The Lower Limb

Segmental Innervation of The Skin (Dermatomes) Dermatome is area of the skin that has supply by a single spinal nerve. The point of development of lower limb bud is on the venterolateral part of body wall that is opposite of L1-S3 sections of spine, afterwards these sections

Sympathetic Innervation of The Lower Limb

The (T10 to L2) i.e lower three Thoracic and upper two Lumbar sections of spinal cord act as the originating point of sympathetic distribution of nerves in lower limb. The point of origin of preganglionic fibres is from lateral horn cells through the ventral roots. After that

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