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Intercostal Arteries

Posterior and anterior intercostal arteries are responsible for the blood supply. Blood supply is abundant in the thoracic wall. 1 posterior and 2 anterior intercostal arteries (upper and lower) are included in every intercostal spaces. Posterior Intercostal Arteries There are 11 pairs of intercostal arteries, 1 in

Internal Thoracic Artery

The two internal thoracic arteries can be differentiated as left and right. One on the either side of sternum and is located deep towards the anterior chest wall. Origin The initial part of the subclavian artery (lower surface) is the source of the internal thoracic artery situated

Arterial Supply Of The Lungs

2 sets of arteries provide the lungs , viz. A. Bronchial arteries. B. Pulmonary arteries. Bronchial Arteries. Nourishment to the bronchial tree and pulmonary tissue are provided by the the bronchial arteries. 1 bronchial artery provides the right lung, which originates from the right third posterior intercostal

Arterial Supply of the Heart – Right and Left Coronary Artery

The Arterial Supply of the Heart is mostly provided by 2 coronary arteries, which originate from the ascending aorta immediately above the aortic valve. The coronary arteries and their branches run on the surface of heart being located inside the subpericardial fibro fatty tissue. A. Coronary arteries

Aorta – Parts, Origin and Course, Connection, Branches and Development

The Aorta is the largest artery (arterial trunk) of the body which carries the oxygenated blood from the left ventricle and supplies it to all the parts of the body. Parts Of The Aorta For the convenience of description, the aorta is splited into the following 4

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