The spaces between the 2 adjacent ribs (and their costal cartilages) are referred to as intercostal spaces. So there are 11 intercostal spaces on each side.

The 3rd-6th spaces are typical intercostal spaces since the blood and nerve provide of 3rd-6th intercostal spaces is confined only to thorax.

Contents Of A Typical Intercostal Space.

Every space includes these structures:.

1. 3 intercostal muscles, viz.

( a) External intercostal.

( b) Internal intercostal.

( c) Innermost intercostal (intercostalisintimus).

2. Intercostal nerves.

1. Intercostal arteries.

2. Intercostal veins.

3. Intercostal lymph vessels and lymph nodes.

Plane of neurovascular bundle in the intercostal space: The neurovascular bundle being composed of intercostal nerve and vessels is located between the internal intercostal and innermost intercostal muscles, i.e., between the intermediate and deepest layers of muscles.

They may be ordered in the following sequence from above downwards:.

( a) Intercostal Vein.

( b) Intercostal Artery.

( c) Intercostal Nerve.