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Intercostal Space

The Intercostal space (ICS) is the space in between the two adjacent ribs. There are 11 intercostal spaces on each side, each intercostal space is numbered for the rib superior to it. Every space consists of intercostal muscles and neurovascular bundle of intercostal plane. In each space,

5th Intercostal Spaces

5th intercostal space starts from inferior portion of 5th rib and ends at superior portion of 6th rib. The intercostal spaces are the spaces amongst the two bordering ribs and their costal cartilages. On each side 11 intercostal spaces are present. Contents Each space contains the following

Component Parts Thoracic Wall

The thoracic wall is composed of skeletal parts and muscles. Posteriorly, it’s created from twelve thoracic vertebrae and their intervening intervertebral discs. Laterally, the wall is composed by ribs (twelve on every side) and 3 layers of flat muscles, which span the inter  costal spaces between adjacent

Axillary Lines – Anterior, Midaxillary and Posterior

There are three axillary lines, anterior axillary line, midaxillary line and posterior axillary line. Whenever there is abduction of the arm from the body by 90 degrees, by the anterior axillary fold, through the middle of the axilla, as well as from the posterior axillary fold imaginary

Superior Thoracic Aperture (Thoracic Inlet)

Superior Thoracic Aperture or Thoracic Inlet is the inlet through which the thoracic cavity interacts with the root of the neck. Clinicians call the superior thoracic aperture as thoracic outlet clinicians because significant arteries and T1 spinal nerves come from thorax via this aperture and goes into

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