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Synonyms: Ren: kidney (in Latin); Nephros: kidney (in Greek). Kidneys are the two reddish-brown organs inside the abdomen, situated on the posterior abdominal wall, resembling beans. The waste products of protein metabolism are removed by the kidneys and are therefore, these are known as the major excretory

Suprarenal (Adrenal) Glands

The Suprarenal Glands are a significant pair of endocrine glands which are enclosed in exactly the same fascial sheath as that of kidneys (renal fascia). These are situated on the upper poles of the kidneys. Each suprarenal gland is composed of 2 parts: (a) a comparatively thick outer


Ovaries are those female organs which are the homologous of testes in the male. These can also be termed as female gonads. Their work is to generate female gametes termed as oocytes (mature ova). The ovaries are shaped like an almond and are grayish pink in color.

Transverse Colon

Transverse colon is the longest (20 inch/50cm in length) and most active part of the large intestine. It stretches via the right colic flexure (in right lumbar region) to the left colic flexure (in the left hypochondriac region). Transverse colon is not transverse however creates a reliant


The ileum is primarily in the right lower quarter and comprises the distal three-filths of the small intestine. Compared to the jejunum, the ileum has thinner walls, few and less prominent mucosal folds (plicae circulares) shorter vasa recta, more mesenteric fat, and more arterial arcades. Structure Where

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