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Inferior Pubic Ramus

Inferior pubic ramus spreads out from the lower as well as lateral part of the body of pubis and on the medial side of the obturator foramen creates ischiopubic ramus by combining with ramus of ischium. Structure and Attachments The inferior pubic ramus goes downwards and laterally

Greater Sciatic Notch

The greater sciatic notch is located in the middle of the ischial spine, inferiorly and the posterior inferior iliac spine, superiorly. The sacrospinous ligament transforms the greater sciatic notch within the greater sciatic foramen, it attaches from the ischial spine towards the lateral part of the sacrum

Ischial Tuberosity

A large protuberance known as the ischial tuberosity is the most protuberant element of the ischium on the posteroinferior aspect of the bone. This tuberosity is an important site for the attachment of lower limb muscles and also for reinforcing the body while sitting. The ischial tuberosity

Iliac Crest

It is the broad, flattened, sinuous ridge creates the upper boundary of the ilium. The highest point of iliac crest is located at the level of intervertebral disc in the middle of L3 and L4 vertebrae. Parts Morphologically, the iliac crest is split into anterior two-third or

Anterior Superior Iliac Spine

Anterior superior iliac spine is a bony projection represents the anterior edge of iliac crest, which connects with the lateral point of the inguinal ligament. The subcutaneous anterior superior iliac spine starts anteriorly and at the anterior end of the iliac crest it can be easily palpated.

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