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Pelvic Cavity

The shape of pelvic cavity is much similar to that of funnel. Peritoneum continuous with the peritoneum of the abdominal cavity lines the pelvic cavity that drapes over the superior aspects of the pelvic viscera, but does not reach the pelvic floor in the majority of the


In general language, the area between the anus and the genitals is known as the perineum. It can be found at the lower end of trunk and it is a noticeable diamond shaped area and can be noticed when the thighs are abducted and its margin is

Obstetric Pelvis (True Pelvis)

The True Pelvis is involved in the process of arrival, thus named obstetric pelvis/true pelvis. The false pelvis is actually a part of the abdominal cavity suitable. So, the student must understand its size, form, and measurements in detail. The division of pelvis is done into the

Pelvic Walls

The Pelvic Walls are created by the bones and ligaments covered by the partial-clothed fascia and parietal peritoneum. The pelvis comprises of 5 walls: Anterior wall. Posterior wall. 2 lateral walls (left and right). Inferior wall (or pelvic floor). Anterior Wall The anterior wall is composed by

Anal Canal

The Anal Canal is the terminal part (3.8 cm long) of the large intestine, situated in the perineum below the pelvic diaphragm. Like rectum it’s devoid of sacculations, taenia coli, and appendices epiploicae. It’s encompassed by an inner automatic sphincter and an outer voluntary sphincter, whose tone

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