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Bones and Cartilages

Metacarpal Bones

The Metacarpal bones are the bones present in the hands. Metacarpal bones are located in between the phalanges of the fingers and the carpal bones of the wrist and creates the intermediate part of the skeletal hand. The hand consist of five metacarpal bones which are conventionally


The trapezium is the outmost of the second row of carpal bones. When seen in its dorsal or palmar part it shows a rhombic type; however much open and cropped with the lower angle. Structure Among the four protuberances that provide connection to the anterior annular ligament,

Bones of the Upper Limb

It is compulsory to have a study of bones of the upper limb and to understand the topography and the attachment of various muscles and ligaments of the upper limb. Students must go through the features and attachments of the bones prior to the study of the upper limb.   The study


The Collar bone or Clavicle (L. clavicle = key) is the long bone, having a slight S-shaped curve. Horizontally collar bone lies at the junction of root of the neck and trunk on the frontal aspects of body. Collar bone articulates along with the sternum and 1st


The Scapula (or shoulder blade) is a big, flattened, and triangular bone. The scapula is located on the upper part of the posterolateral aspect of the thorax, opposing second to seventh ribs. A change in movement or scapular positioning might cause your shoulder, and can make it

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