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Bones and Cartilages

Metacarpal Bones

The Metacarpal bones are the bones present in the hands. Metacarpal bones are located in between the phalanges of the fingers and the carpal bones of the wrist and creates the intermediate part of the skeletal hand. The hand consist of five metacarpal bones which are conventionally


The Ulna is the medial bone of forearm and is homologous to the lateral bone of leg– the fibula. The ulna is attached to by muscles in the arm and forearm to perform movements of wrist, hand and the arm. The end of the ulna presents a

Bones of the Hand – Carpals, Metacarpals and Phalanges

There are 3 groups of bones in the hand: The 8 carpal bones are the bones of the wrist. The 5 metacarpals (I to V) are the bones of the metacarpus. The phalanges are the bones of the digits -The thumb has only 2 and The remaining

Hamate Bone

The hamate is triangular in shape, the apex of the triangle being steered proximally. The hamate has a prominent hook-like process connected to its palmar element. The hamate articulates medially and proximally with the triquetral bone, and laterally with the capitate. The apex might articulate with the

Capitate Bone

Distally the capitate bone articulates primarily along with the third metacarpal bone, however capitate bone likewise articulates along with the second and fourth metacarpal bones. Lateral element of capitate bone articulates along with the scaphoid (proximally) and along with the trapezoid (distally). Medially capitate bone articulates along

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