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Medulla Oblongata

Extending from the Foramen Magnum to the upper border of the pons, the Medulla Oblongata is the direct upward continuation of the spinal cord, where It creates the lowest part of the Brainstem and is located nearly vertically in the anterior part of the posterior cranial fossa


It includes the nuclei of the 3rd (oculomotor), 4th (trochlear) and 5th (trigeminal) cranial nerves. The midbrain is the smallest section of the brainstem and is situated just above the pons. It is traversed by the cerebral aqueduct. The part dorsal to the aqueduct is termed the


The brainstem is the stalklike portion of the brain that joins higher brain centers to the spinal cord. It contains several nuclei that are surrounded by white matter. Ascending (sensory) and descending (motor) axons between higher brain centers and the spinal cord pass through the brainstem. The


It’s continuous above with the midbrain and below with the medulla oblongata. The pons (L. Pons = bridge) is the large middle part of the brainstem. It creates a broad bridge between the 2 cerebellar hemispheres by its transverse fibres making up the middle cerebellar peduncles, which


The cerebellum (L. cerebellum = little brain) is the 2nd largest part of the brain as a whole and is the largest part of the hindbrain. It weighs about 150 grams. Its location is in the posterior cranial fossa underneath the tentorium cerebelli and behind the pons

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