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Middle Ear

The middle ear is sandwiched between the external and internal ear. The middle ear (syn. tympanum, tympanic cavity) is a narrow slit-like air filled cavity inside the petrous part of the temporal bone. Via its medial wall 3 auditory ossicles carry sound vibrations from tympanic membrane in


Pineal Gland (Epiphysis Cerebri) Pineal gland is situated between the 2 superior colliculi below the splenium of corpus callosum and it is a midline cone shaped reddish gray structure (only 3 mm X 5 mm in size) inhabiting the vertical groove. It projects back from the posterior

Lacrimal Apparatus

Structure The lacrimal apparatus jointly created by the structures concerned with secretion and drainage of lacrimal (fluid of tears) fluid. The lacrimal apparatus is composed of the following structures: Lacrimal gland Ducts of lacrimal gland Conjunctival sac. Lacrimal puncta. Orbital part of lacrimal gland Palpebral part of

Internal Ear

The internal ear is made up of membranous labyrinth which is a closed system of fluid filled up intercommunicating membranous sacs and ducts. Endolymph is the fluid filled up in the membranous labyrinth. Inside the complex intercommunicating bony cavities and ducts (bony labyrinth) in the petrous part

Basal Nuclei

The basal nuclei (or ganglia) are situated inside the white matter in the basal part of the cerebral hemisphere and large subcortical masses of grey matter. Anatomically, the term basal ganglia contain: Corpus striatum, Caustrum and Amygdaloid body. Functionally, basal ganglia also contain substantia nigra, red nucleus

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