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Joints and Ligaments

Medial Meniscus

The menisci essential functions in preserving proper joint health, stability, as well as function. Every meniscus is thick as well as convex at its perimeter (the horns) however ends up being thin and also concave at its center. A larger area for the rounded femoral condyles along

Medial Collateral Ligament

The Medial collateral ligament (also known as Tibial collateral ligament) is a strong, flat band on the medial element of the knee joint. The tibial collateral ligament expands slowly towards its inferior connection to the medial border of the tibia via its superior attachment to the medial

Patellar Ligament

The patellar ligament is a strong, flat band to whose medial along with lateral peripheries are connected, specifically, the medial as well as lateral patellar retinacula. The patellar ligament (ligamentum patella) might be considered as the distal extension of the quadriceps tendon. It elongates via the peak

Posterior Tibiofibular Ligament

Posterior tibiofibular ligament includes a deep along with superficial part. The superficial part extends obliquely via the lateral malleolus to a broad connection on the posterolateral tibia tubercle. This deep part is more transverse and functions as a labrum, intensifying the tibial articular side. This part is

Joints of The Lower Limb

The joints of the lower limb contain: Hip joint Knee joint Tibiofibular joints. Ankle joint. Foot joints.

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