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Hardware Issues

Fix Laptop Plugged in, Not Charging on Windows 10

On Windows 10, some users face a problem where they have their laptop chargers plugged in but still the status shows that the laptop is not charging. Strange problem but still solvable. Want to know how? Have a look. 1) Disconnect your laptop’s power plug. 2) Shut

Device Descriptor Request Failed

Sometimes when a Windows user inserts a USB device in the USB port, the system shows an error saying Unknown USB device (Device Descriptor Request Failed). The error Device descriptor request failed can occur in any Windows OS. The USB function of Windows is a very useful

Two Finger Scroll Not Working

Two finger scroll not working is common issue occurring in laptops. Two finger scroll is a very useful feature letting you scroll over the page very easily. Two finger scroll not working problem can occur in operating system. Try the methods given below to solve two finger

fix Xbox One controller not working on PC

Playing your favourite PC game with full force and one unfortunate day, your xbox one controller stops working. How frustrating is that? A lot we can say. But there’s a solution to everything and we have got it. Take a look. Methods to fix Xbox One controller

Mouse Stuttering

Some Windows users reported that they are experiencing mouse stuttering after they upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows Vista/8/8.1. Mouse stuttering could be the result of some problems appeared in Windows 10. Many Windows users have experienced mouse stuttering problem and if you are one of them

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