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Network Issues

Fix WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration

Sometimes, Windows Troubleshooter fails to fix the problems faced by users and “WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” is one of those problems. But as usual we have some fixes that will surely get you out of this problem. Have  look at the methods. Methods to


Finding it difficult to access the web has been quite a common problem recently. When a user tries to access any webpage they end up seeing “Err_Name_Resolution_Failed” message. The reasons can be many as far as this error is concerned. But the most common one is where

Your DNS Server Might Be Unavailable

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. It translates and fetches the address of the website you want to visit to enable your access to that website. In other words DNS plays the role of mediator between the computer and its user. Your DNS server might be unavailable

DNS Server Not Responding

Many users reported a problem where they cannot connect to the internet. When you run the Troubleshooter you may see a message: The DNS server isn’t responding. Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding. DNS stands for

Fix – Unable to Connect to the Remote Server

If you are getting error message Unable to Connect to the Remote Server then try the following methods to resolve the problem. Internet Explorer Checking Open Internet Explorer and check if it connects to the internet. If IE cannot connect to the internet, click the Tools button

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